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The advantages of the forging machine and available scope

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   Casting machine is particularly suitable for car axle shaft, flange, gear, rack head, large size high strength bolts made greater dedication, professional, such as the series 92 for progress China casting skill levels 160 tons of horizontal pendulum rolling car half shaft machine won the national electrical and mechanical effect of ministry of science and technology progress third prize. Casting machine of this series of pendulum rolling division, horizontal two kinds, hydraulic and electrical joint control, the end can manual operation, the semi-active standard. Some models choose PLC programmable control apparatus for hydraulic press machine, share of speed regulating valve, spherical bearing advanced skills such as wear-resisting, can according to user requirements for cold, temperature (750 ° C or less), hot rolling skills. Machine operation is simple, operation reliable. Hydraulic pressure casting machine the clamping some and kneading was established according to the demand, can assemble type or horizontal, to end the short or long and thin piece of casting, the practical new besides can end system qian mission, but also to the casting of other corresponding artifacts, used widely. Shanghai grinding machine is introduced in this practical new kneading and clamping some by bolt fastening together with the cylinder block, job function, clamping some use synchronization with a device is equipped with a safety pin, good to neutral, secure, set order booster circuit, clamping force and kneading force increase, in addition, the machine operation in a low voltage condition, leakage appearance, less parts in the oil service life is long. Shenyang machine tool tip hydraulic drive system are directly driven pump and pump - two type accumulator drivers. Pump direct drive The drive system of the pump to supply hydraulic cylinder driving system, high-pressure liquid for liquid flow valve is used to change direction, the overflow valve is used to regulate the limit pressure of system, at the same time a safety overflow effect. This drive system link, less a brief layout, the pressure can take the initiative to increase or decrease according to the required for karma, casting machine to reduce the power consumption, but must be the most masterpiece by hydraulic press karma and the highest operating speed to determine the capacity of the pump and drive motor. This type of drive system for small and medium-sized hydraulic press, useful also pump direct drive large (such as 120 million cows) comfortable casting hydraulic press. Pump - accumulator drive in this drive system has one or a set of accumulator. When the high-pressure liquid pump supplies have allowance, by accumulator storage; And when a lack of demand, supply and offset supply by the accumulator. Use this system to follow the uniform dosage of high-pressure liquid pump and motor capacity, but because of work fluid pressure is constant, electricity consumption is larger, and the system of links, the layout is more complex. This kind of drive system used in large hydraulic press more, perhaps with a set of hydraulic drive system drive number. Casting machine including link, its upper joint eccentricity axis, bottom offset round hole; Each side of the slider, show a double cohesion, all set sliding surface, sliding block center two side through a round hole; Two driving arm, the front-end should relative appearance in a cylindrical column, cylindrical column set off centre round hole, and set off centre round hole of the bottom of the link, the slider two side of the round hole cooperation two transmission arm offset round hole of the bottom of front end and the link, wear a combination of bent axle and positioning, and the link stocks move the slider, two end of a transmission arm round hole; A link adjustment device, including a adjustment, casting machine in driving arm end, adjust seat set screw hole bolt connection a ball screw, ball screw tail end is a ball; A hydraulic tank ball screw tail end of the ball, and the oil pressure control, hydraulic tank deaden the tubing, and with a connected to regulate fuel tank. This practical new deformation of each component in the operation is not damaged, can be in season sweep card model representation, decline in industry. Pendulum rolling casting machine is on the basis of introducing foreign pendulum rolling skills to improve the design of new type of precision die forging equipment its more general horizontal forging machine has paid little more than five times as much as (low), low energy consumption, easy to repair, simple operation and other advantages. A general class of forging equipment with high efficiency (progress about three times more) high precision machining parts, save the original data, the connotation of good quality low noise, small stir strengths.