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Using nc machine tools using should pay attention to which parts of the world

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   Read carefully before using nc machine tool, machine tool use instructions and other relevant materials, so that accurate operation using the machine, and pay attention to the following:
   (1) machine tool operation and repair personnel is necessary to grasp the corresponding machine tool professional or professional knowledge through technical training of personnel, and it is necessary to press machine safety operation procedures and work instructions;
   (2) the non-professional workers shall not be opened the electric cabinet, cupboard door open electricity is necessary to admit that has turned off the machine before the total power switch. As long as professional repair personnel to promise to open cupboard door, electricity to electricity maintenance;
   (3) in addition to some parameters for users to use and can be changed, other system parameters and the parameters of the spindle, servo, such as user correction will not be accepted, otherwise will bring device to the operator, artifacts, such as personal injury;
   (4) after correction parameters, for the first time processing, machine tool and workpiece in not under the condition of use machine lock, single method, commissioning procedures section admitted machine tools after normal use;
   (5) the machine PLC program is machine tool manufacturers according to the machine tool requirement planning, not demand correction. Not accurate correction, machine tool operation can cause the damage of the machine tool, and even damage to the operator;
   (6) machine after running up to 24 hours, if continued operation time is too long can affect the electrical system and some mechanical devices become old, yea, and will affect the precision of the machine tool;
   (7) machine tools all connectors, number one, do not allow charged, plugging operation, otherwise will lead to serious results.