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The economy has not "fallen" machine tool manufacturers how to out of the cold winter

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   2013 the country during the two sessions, the then director of the national development and reform commission zhang ping is the last five years China's economic development has made the report, finally make a summary, China's economic development in the future is full of confidence. China's economy has not "fallen", the future will continue to develop, how the machine tool manufacturer out of winter, to meet the coming of spring?
   Zhang ping in the report pointed out that China's economic growth of 7.8% last year, more than at the beginning of the formulation of the 7.5% target. In the past five years, China continues to reform and opening up, promoting industrialization and informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, the expanding domestic demand to provide to us a lot of space, so our country's economy was not affected by the global economic crisis is too big. Machine tool factory store believes that China's four modernizations in the future will continue to push forward, and the machine tool is the most important tool in the modernization process, which determines the future of machine tools in our country still has great development space, machine tool manufacturers still have a very good development prospect.
   Ping for economic development in the past five years nod, and points out that, from a macro point of view, China's economic development unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable problem still prominent. Indeed, this phenomenon is especially apparent in the machine tool industry. Machine tool factory store after the survey found that most of the machine tool manufacturers to "si", produced products are the same, the overall low level, thus caused the industry price war continually, the market order confusion. Because the domestic machine tool at a low level at the same time, the foreign brands controlling "neglected" in the high-end market, causes our country machine tool after winter, import machine can still make a lot of money.
Facing the situation, industry experts also proposed the solution: to further adjustment and development of machine tool industry, machine tool manufacturers must encourage scientific and technological innovation, with the achievements of science and technology to support the development of our long-term, such ability can effectively cope with the challenge of international brands! Innovation requires manpower and fund support, at present most manufacturers operating condition is bad, the profit is not enough to pay high development costs, and enterprises are generally put limited staff in the sales department. Faced with this dilemma, machine tool factory store called out "free help you promote, not clinch a deal not charge" slogan, save machine tool enterprises cost a lot of promotion. We have learned, machine tool factory store set up 30 million marketing fund every year, free help machine tool manufacturers through the exhibition, professional magazines, Internet and other channels of publicity, there are a lot of machine tool manufacturer to get the order from the machine tool factory store. Machine tools factory store this pattern let more manufacturers to save money and manpower used in research and development, help China machine enter high-end market at an early date!