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Excavating machinery industry development in our country in four major characteristics

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   On December 10 ~ 11, 2013, China construction machinery industry association excavating machinery branch annual meeting was held in changsha, hunan province in 2013. Meeting that the machinery industry is the one who has a limitless innovation space and broad prospects for development of industry, but also an increasingly fierce competition in the industry. China construction machinery industry association QiJun reminds the industry don't go other industries through the detours, avoid vicious competition.
   Industry development in four major characteristics
   China construction machinery industry association excavation section chairman yu Ju introduction, in 2012, the total sales of whole section tunnel boring machine 141 units, sales of 7.1 billion yuan. Horizontal directional drilling 2000, sales of 1.5 billion yuan; Cantilever roadheader 1600, sales of 5 billion yuan. And special parts, the industry sales scale of about 14 billion yuan, an increase of about 18%. The industry is expected to achieve 10% growth in 2013. Present the following four characteristics of industry development. One is the industrial structure is changing, the industry is facing reshuffle. Industry concentration is rising, in mergers and reorganization, a group of enterprises expands rapidly, and many companies have been or are being quietly exit. Second, the industry of leasing, renovation, alteration, maintenance and other after-sales business development is fast. On the one hand because the device in dosage has a large, more and more old equipment, which has given rise to the new business; On the other hand, the state encourages and supports current resource saving, green environmental protection, and promote the development of the new business. This is a development direction, but need to strengthen and standardize the management. Three is the enterprise strength increase, the mature technology, has the ability to exploit the international market, there are a number of enterprise products have successfully entered Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, India, Hong Kong, Australia and other international markets, and normal usage. Four is more diversified product specifications. As a whole section of the tunnel boring machine mining expanded to 4 ~ 15 meters in diameter, on the type of slurry balance type, earth pressure balance shield type, compound, dual mode, shield TBM (single shield and double shield) and open type TBM, etc., also developed rectangular pipe jacking, sloping tunnel TBM, etc. Horizontal directional drilling has been able to produce push pull 8000 kn of mainframe.
   Broad space for innovation and market prospects
   Chinese academy of engineering academician wang issued at the meeting of the China's current situation and existing problems of shield machine, boring machine, pointed out that in the tunnel and underground engineering in our country is the world's largest, most, the most complex geological conditions and structure form, construction technology of the fastest development speed, driving machinery in our country has unlimited creative space and broad development prospects. Wang said academician, the construction method of underwater tunnels have been completed with drilling and blasting method, hushed section method, shallow tunnel excavation method, method of hard rock TBMS and other construction method of underwater shield tunnel are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, bohai sea region, the Yangtze river basin. Yu Ju thinks, excavating machinery market is the mainstream of urban rail transit construction. In May 2013, the state council issued "the cancellation, and handed over a batch of the decision of the administrative examination and approval items, etc", existing in chongqing, shenzhen, lanzhou and taiyuan urban rail transit projects approved by the local government, the mileage of 87 kilometers, the investment of about 44.5 billion yuan. Is expected in the next two years and more than 20 urban rail projects have been approved, the mileage in roughly 400 ~ 500 km, in 300 billion yuan of investment estimate. As of August 15, 2013, the national urban rail transportation line construction total scale of 67, the construction of total mileage of 2300 kilometers, the investment is 280 billion yuan. According to introduction, our country has made the construction of urban underground pipe pilot program, is expected to use three years time, in 36 large and medium-sized cities across the country to start the comprehensive utility tunnel engineering pilot underground. Countries in the aspect of water conservancy construction in addition to the various size of water diversion, the water conveyance project, there are more than ten key water control projects are or ready for construction. Combined with the tunnel construction of railways, highways, municipal construction requirements, the next 5 ~ 10 years domestic tunneling machine the incomparably broad market space.
   Don't go through the detours in other industries
   China construction machinery industry association QiJun remind excavating machinery industry needs to be vigilant against excess capacity at the meeting, try to avoid other industries through the detours. He reminded everyone to calm the market, to take any means overdraft market are irrational. Makers must leave themselves and form a complete set of enterprise profit space, so as to intensify research and development, and constantly improve product performance and quality, to narrow the gap with foreign products. Try to form a healthy ecological industry development, try to avoid vicious competition. Yu Ju called on industry to speed up the product structure adjustment at the meeting. Industrial structure is not reasonable, he says, creating a vicious competition, everyone doesn't want to pile a path. It is great that many enterprises are actively explore new areas of construction, form a complete set of open, accessories, segment, maintenance, renovation, leasing, service and other new business channels, research and development of all kinds of special specifications of products, is different from other people's development path, is worth promoting. Yu Ju also right up and down at the meeting called for industry competition and protection. He said that in the development of the whole cross section of the tunnel boring machine, the more serious industry protection and local protection, have strong industry, also aroused the concern of the government departments. Excessive industry protection and local protection must be adverse to the industry development, not only to protect the outside of the enterprise is unfair, to the protected enterprise also does more harm than good.
   Hunan highlight strength in the field of excavating machinery
   Dan-ping Chen, director of the machinery industry management office of hunan province party secretary, said in a speech in the meeting, with the rapid rise of railway construction heavy industry in hunan, the hunan in advance in the field of mechanical strength is increasingly highlighted. Railway construction heavy industry in recent years aimed at "world-class, domestic leading" the goal, adhere to the "independent innovation, scientific research enterprise" strategy, in the underground engineering equipment industry plates formed by whole section tunnel boring machine (TBM shield /) is a leading, in mining machinery, pile foundation method of tunnel and mining special equipment as the link of the four major series of products, to become the world's only have a combination of shield construction and mining method of tunnel equipment enterprise specialized in the development of the ability. Their research and development of coal mine slope TBM, deep vertical shaft full facer pioneered the whole section machine application in the field of coal mine first; Self-developed grooving of tunnel construction of complete sets of equipment and chain knife type underground continuous wall, create a new construction methods to propel the advance of the construction technology of construction equipment. These world-class technology and products are widely used in changsha, Beijing, xian, wuhan, guangzhou, suzhou, nanjing and other cities metro engineering and key projects in various fields such as railway, coal mine, breaking the foreign enterprises long-term monopoly machine market situation in China, and exported to the United States, Canada and other developed countries.