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Today is 2020-6-4, Welcome to the web SENCO INDUSTRIAL MACHINE&TOOLS (CHINA)CO.,LTD Website: www.34cc.icu

W11S-Upper-Roller Universal Rolling Machine

W11S-Upper-Roller Universal Rolling Machine

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1 upper rolls lift device
It driven by double cylinders, main cylinder working pressure is 19.5 Mpa, Upper roll two ends fit with double self-aligning bearing to reduce the friction and motor power. The material of upper roll is 45# forging with heat treatment.
2-1 down roll drive device
The material of down roll is 45# forging with heat treatment. Level motion motor supply the power, through the strap drive to CWU worm wheel and pole speed reducer. Upper roll level motion drove by worm wheel and pole to finish bending in dissymmetry form.
2-2 tuning device
composed of one hydraulic cylinder, the joint pole drive the bearing seat of side rolls to tuning and close, the pressure come from hydraulic station.
2-3 upper rolls balance device
lift upper rolls to upper limit position, the balance frame press the upper rolls end , then upper rolls in balance position through bearing seat support and balance frame press, it is easy to keep tuning bearing seat to tuning and close. there is limit switch to check upper rolls position.
2-4 bottom base
Adopted steel welded frame, vibrating treatment of ageing for removal of internal stress with good rigidity and stability. and it is easy for installation and transformation.
2-5 hydraulic system
Composed of Y series motor, gear pump , valves , oil tank, pipe and so on.
Max pressure is 19.5 Mpa , the valves adopted from Taiwan.
2-6 electricity system
Composed of electrical box, operation table, manual button . the power is 380V50HZ adopted PLC control system code with longevity easily operate. Whole bending process can read from the indicator setting on the control box.
3 Main specialty of this machine
3-1 down roller main drive transfer torque high speed by through the V-belt transfer, with overload protection function.
3-2 use closed frame chassis, easy to installation and removal.
3-3 aligning rolling bearings used at both end of upper roller, less friction, can bend thin and thick plate.
3-4 use Taiwan’s YOUSHEN hydraulic valves, convenient installation, maintenance and debugging.
3-5 flow divider used in hydraulic system synchronization loop, detect by the displacement sensors, set on digital display, synchronize positioning accuracy of +0.15mm.

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